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The vision that he had, needed love and strong belief. Having both in abundance, he landed, one cold winter day in 1969, in the proud little hill town of Dalhousie. His mission was to establish an elite and exclusive Residential School. This meticulous planner had anticipated the obstacles he would encounter. Clad in his characteristic long coats and twirled moustache, he soon became a figure of respect and awe. He knew what was required. Amongst the deodar trees on a beautiful hillside, the dream of Mohinder Singh Grewal came to reality in the form of the ‘Dalhousie Public School’ and he became its Founder Chairman. This imposing structure that he created reflected his own stony resolve to build beautiful minds and towering personalities. His energetic and magnetic self, coupled with his no nonsense disposition, soon pulled in eager parents with little angels in tow. An institution was born and he was its essence.

But, for MS, God had ordained much more. One day in 1993, when he saw in his team in Dalhousie digressing from his school of thought, he decided to do, what only men of his ilk can. He moved ahead from his dear twenty four year old brainchild and conceived another. This time, handing over the baton to his son Parbeer Singh Grewal, he witness another school. PS took that vision to much larger scale. The Dalhousie Public School Badhani now also fondly called ‘The Badhani School’ is a standing testimony to the unique efforts of these men to create temples of excellence.

We Badhaniites proudly celebrate our ‘Founder’s Day’ today in the glorious presence of this living legend, our Founding Father, Our Chairman Mr. Mohinder Singh Grewal.

Sh. M.S.Grewal is a pioneer in the boarding school profession. He has dedicated his life to the cause and is held in high esteem by students and society. He is respected for the concern and care that he has for his students. His students living successfully all over the world adore him.
Latest News

Following the closures of school's throughout India due to the ongoing Covid-19 on March 26th, 2020. We are re-opening on the 25th of January, 2021 with all SOP's in place according to government regualtions.

North American students can now be evaluated for admission in TORONTO, VANCOUVER and SEATTLE in July and August. Admission process for 2021-22 has started.

Students of class X and XII scored amazing results on their CBSE board exams. With over 90% of the students scoring in the first division.

A spectacular "Welcome Night" was held on 27 April 2019.

Badhani Premier League (Male Teacher and Boys) CFC vs DU is to be held on Sunday the 26 May 2019

Badhani Premier League (Girls) CFC vs DU is to be held on Sunday the 26 May 2019

Graduation Ceremony for Class XII was held on 16 Feb 2019. Chief guest Maj Gen Krishnan Narayanan presided over the students high school graduation.

Graduation Ceremony for Class V was held on 16 Feb 2019. Chief guest Maj Gen Krishnan Narayanan presided over the students junior school graduation.

Christmas celebrations on 15 Dec 2016